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Your Twenties Toolkit + Physical Workbook

Your Twenties Toolkit + Physical Workbook

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Workbook shipping in the second half of June! You'll love being able to write out all your answers and plans in a physical workbook! There's a years worth of planning worksheets in the back of the workbook for you to continue creating your dream life and sticking to habits throughout the year! 

Enjoy lifetime access to the course, digital workbook, and community! Or wait for your 200 page workbook to arrive! 

By the end you'll have a step by step plan to become the most glowing version of yourself! 

4 Sections: 

  • Self Love & Confidence
  • Planning Your Dream Life & Finding Your Passion
  • Goal Setting & Creating Habits
  • BONUS Feeling Stuck & Stress Management
  • FREE Access to the private community full of thousands of twenty somethings

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